All American Tree Company

Tree Removal

Hazardous trees • yard expansions • climbing in hard to reach areas • stump grinding

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming Services

Crown clean = remove dead, crossing, and rubbing limb's from trees
Structural prune = remove dead, crossing, and rubbing limbs from trees. Also provide weight cuts at the end of branches so the tree will not break in storms.

Tree Removal Services

Hazardous trees, yard expansions, climbing in hard to reach areas, stump grinding

Tree Removal
+ Trimming

Taking care of trees that are to close to wires, and trees that hang over homes.

Bucket Truck
+ Crane Service

Yard expansion, dig foundations and small ponds, dig trenches, install drainage pipes, move rocks or unwanted debris, grade changing, demolition work

+ Bobcat Services

Shape and contain = shaping of tree so it has a dominant leader. Reduce size

+ Ornamental Pruning